For My Friends

Sometimes you just get to a stage in your life where you want to bare all. Many people these days take to social media and I see lots of my friends living their lives through Facebook. Every upset, every joy is recorded for the world to see. That’s not my way. I’m more of a private person, yet I’d like to record stuff for my very close friends and family to read and to understand more about me.

That’s why this blog or website, or whatever you call it, came about. I want to share with a chosen few, so if you’re reading this you’re very dear to me. You’ve been given the bizarre name of this website so you can join my journey and I hope enjoy some of what you find out about me and my family.

We’re not extraordinary but we are passionate about stuff that we care about. Dear friends and family please keep in contact. You’re the ones that mean a lot to us and we want to stay in touch, even though perhaps we’re not the best at calling or writing. We love you all.

If you should, by some strange miracle, come across this website by chance whilst browsing Google, please enjoy or go away! We’re not here to appease anyone or share with strangers, but I understand that the internet is a public place so should you bump into us accidentally, please respect us. I deliberately haven’t identified myself so I hope our privacy won’t be compromised.

Love and peace to all.
Haz xx