Halloween in the Village

We love Halloween and every year our village makes a big deal of it on 31st October. This year was no exception and a great party was hosted in the village hall. We all dressed up of course and the kids had a great time.

Our youngest is still at the age when he wants to go Trick or Treating, so we spent an hour on this quest before heading to the hall. The village is pretty much geared up for this modern tradition. It has been unilaterally decided that those who want to participate leave a lighted pumpkin outside their door. That way, folk who don’t want to be disturbed don’t have to participate.

It works well and our lad finished with a pretty good haul of sweets. Not really what we’d want for him since they rot his teeth and get him into bad eating habits, but it seems churlish to refuse, so we grin and bear it.

After the trick or treating trail, we all headed off to the village hall for a brilliant party. Absolutely everyone was in fancy dress and some were really pretty scary, from ghosts and witches to ghastly blood-covered monsters. A great time was had by all and we enjoyed a great buffet supper, prepared by the local pub.  It’s a wonderful village and we’ve made so many friends since we moved here.

Roll on Bonfire Night when we’ll be taking part in the bonfire and firework celebration.  We country folk know how to have fun!

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