Our Dogs

We have three dogs that rule the roost. Raboo is our Jack Russell and definitely boss dog, even though he’s the smallest.  Sandy is a beautiful golden retriever and Max is a labrador x poodle – now known as a labradoodle!

Raboo is 6 years old and we got him as a puppy at 8 weeks, so bear full responsibility for all his spoilt little ways. He’s cheeky and typical of his breed as he disappears for hours at a time, no matter how careful we are with the fences.

JR similar to Raboo

Raboo loves to come out when we’re riding and he has many friends, both doggy and human. He’s a little character and loves everyone. In fact all my dogs are very friendly.

Sandy is 5 years old and a real sloppy guy.  He was a sort of rescue because we got him from a couple who couldn’t cope with his energy. Not that he’s really high energy like a labradoodle or a Jack Russell, but he had too much for an elderly couple. But they did love Sandy and he was pretty spoilt with titbits and overweight when we got him 3 years ago. We put him on a diet and gave him loads of exercise and he’s turned out to be a fabulous dog.  He’s very gentle and a bit of a contrast to our other two manic guys.

Max is, well a labradoodle!  They are definitely mad dogs – hence the name after Mad Max. He’s super-friendly and very good with children but he definitely has a lot of mad moments when he tears into the garden, runs around at full speed for 5 minutes, then comes back in again and wags his tail while you wonder what happened. I know a couple of other people with the same breed and it seems pretty typical.

Max came to us by accident really because I’d never have paid around £1,000 for him, which is a typical price. I think people pay so much because they are so good natured but also because they don’t moult, which is a big advantage for the house-proud and also for people with allergies.  But our Max was a beloved family pet, owned by our friends who lived up the road. We used to meet for dog walks. Then they decided to emigrate and start their life over. They had no kids or ties, so off they went to Canada with the aim to live a life in the wilderness, go off as they fancied and be free.  Somehow a labradoodle didn’t fit in with that type of life and they were afraid Max would be cold, so they decided to leave him behind. They asked whether we’d take him and I jumped at the chance.

Max is around 10 years old now and we’ve had him around 18 months. We still keep in touch with his old owners and they’re so pleased to know he’s settled happily, while they are relishing their new-found freedom in Canada.

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