Our Smallholding

Six acres of heaven – for me at least.  I live with my husband and two children in a quiet yet accessible part of the Midlands, close to Nottingham.

We’re a quiet family I guess, not prone to wild parties and constant socialising, but we enjoy our surroundings and sharing them with like-minded friends and family.  Our bunglow suits us all. It’s not huge but big enough for our modest needs and has spectacular views over the surrounding hills, with their beautiful woods and fabulous sunsets. I love to take snapshots of red skies and cloud formations to entertain my friends.

Surrounding the house is a carefully block-paved area which provides plentiful parking and somewhere the kids can play when the grass is wet and mud is everywhere.  Beyond the drive are our paddocks and my horse training school, where I play with my ponies on a daily basis.

It’s a pretty ideal lifestyle and we’re so happy that the kids can grow up surrounded by horses and dogs, in a peaceful and enchanting setting.

Read my regular blogs to find out more and to see what I do on a daily basis.  Some people think country living is an easy life, but we folk work hard and don’t get days off when we have animals to care for. You may be surprised or you may be appalled, but I hope you keep reading.

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